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Personalised parenting and child coaching services to help your child thrive.

While there is plenty of professional help offered to medically diagnosed children facing challenges, there is very little help and support for struggling children who just need help and guidance to improve their behavior, so they can reach their summit of success.

Kids Summit fills this gap and works with these children to achieve a tangible change in their learning and behavioural attitudes.

With an understanding that one size does not fit all, Kids Summit offers personalised, one-on-one coaching sessions and techniques for both children and parents that match the child’s needs and the parents’ parenting style, along with frequent follow-ups.

So, are you ready to change obstacles into exciting paths and help your child reach their summit?

Is Kids Summit right for you?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you struggle to find practical techniques to overcome your child’s challenges?

Do you invest time and effort in helping your child but are not seeing real results?

Are you enthusiastic about trying new parenting techniques but fail to follow through?

Do you attend group sessions but find it hard to implement what you hear?

Do you find online searching, parental sessions and group talks helpful, but can’t find personal advice?

Do you need some hands-on help with your child?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above, it’s time to

Who Do I Help?

Children Who:

  • Lack self-confidence and understanding of their real worth.
  • Need support to become the leaders of their own life.
  • Struggle with some basic life skills e.g. communication, social, organization, commitment etc.
  • Are being bullied or are the bullies themselves.
  • Find it hard to respect boundaries and accept consequences.
  • Need guidance in becoming emotionally intelligent in order to be able to express their feelings and emotions without hurting others.
  • Struggle to deal with their anger.
  • Have special needs siblings and find it hard to accept or deal with different situations.

Parents who:

  • Struggle to find practical techniques to overcome their children’s challenges.
  • Invest time and effort in helping their children but are not seeing real results.
  • Are enthusiastic about trying new parenting techniques but fail to follow through.
  • Attend group sessions but find it hard to implement what they hear.
  • Find online searching, parental sessions and group talks helpful, but can’t find personal advice.
  • Need some hands-on help with their children.
  • Have children of determination and need the support to parent them and their siblings.

What Do I Offer?

  • Group Parents Sessions
  • Children workshops
  • One-on-one parent coaching
  • One-on-one child coaching
  • Child observation at home or in school
  • Personalized plan based on the child’s area of struggle
  • Shared discipline techniques between the parents and the child
  • Integrated programs with the school
  • Regular follow up

Virtual Character Building Interactive

Group Sessions

9 to 12 Years Old

Investing in building your children’s character is a great thing you can do for them!

Topics offered

  • Acquiring positive thoughts vs. negative beliefs
  • Feelings and how to express them
  • The power of thoughts
  • Resilience and how to bounce back
  • What is in my control & what is not
  • Growth and fixed mindset
  • Communication
  • Responsibility
  • Self image
  • Self-discipline
  • Personal values
  • Dealing with stress & disappointment
  • Decision making & problem solving
  • Goal Setting
  • Time-management
  • Stubbornness vs Persistence
  • Assertive vs Aggressive behavior

Each of the above topics is covered over a 60-90 minute session.

One Session – 250 AED

Quarantine Online Special Rate – 100 AED

Each Additional Session – 80 AED

About Irini Girgis

Dedicated to helping you and your child overcome all obstacles to reach the summit.

Irini Girgis, the founder of Kids Summit, is a child behavioral and parenting coach. She has completed a Child Psychology Diploma at Brentwood University in the United Kingdom, and obtained a Kids Life Coaching Certification from Kids Life Coach Academy, along with numerous neuro-education courses.

Having lived in Egypt, USA and the UAE, Irini also has a wealth of experience with a multitude of children from different cultures and countries, all facing a variety of challenges.

As a mother of a 19-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl, she knows both the joys and the challenges of parenthood. She has been privileged to enjoy witnessing her children grow and blossom. Her core belief of instilling life-long skills in my kids from a young age has proved to be worth the effort.

As a former classroom teacher, Irini has always been a firm believer in viewing each child’s needs from a holistic perspective. Helping children and their parents break down barriers and overcome challenging behaviors became her purpose. She continued to pursue educational opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of challenging behaviors to better serve the children in her care.

Irini’s core belief is that parenting is just like an exciting hike, full of challenges along the way but in the end the view from the summit is well worth the effort.

“Thanks to Irini and her great efforts, he has shown a huge improvement”
Joseph Sanad
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“She was invaluable at helping me devise parenting strategies that were effective”
Mariam Iskander
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“Simply put, she is amazing”
Amy Magdy
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“This was the most precious advice I had ever received”
Reham Aldehny
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The Kids Summit Blog

The Kids Summit blog provides you with insightful posts to help you better understand your child’s behaviour, along with great parenting tips and techniques to help you overcome behavioural challenges.

Click on a post and get started on your journey to the summit.

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Can I be both, a kind and a firm parent?

Being firm doesn’t mean being strict and forcefully implementing rules without reasoning and explanation to your child. It also doesn’t mean using punishment, along with cold feelings, as a way of controlling your child’s behavior. If you adopt strictness as your parenting style, your children might tend to become rebellious and have low self-esteem.

A bribe versus an incentive. Is there a difference?

Valuable tips on how to change your child’s behaviour without resorting to bribes and rewards.

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Irini Girgis

T: +971 50 212 6056

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